Data Analytics as a Service

Create & maintain data analytics solutions while developing & maintaining system integration solutions

Recently, there has been a surge in demand for data engineering professionals but a lack of available talent. Why not outsource your data analytics needs?

What’s included?

Our Microsoft or Databricks certified data engineers are experts on the latest technologies, market trends, and best practices. We can help you create and maintain data analytics solutions like data warehouses and operational data stores.

Additionally, our data engineers can develop and maintain system integration solutions like system-to-user data exports, near-real-time integration and system-to-system integration.

We offer multiple tiers to fit the exact needs of your business. Scale your service up and down each month in order best fit your needs and maximise your budget.

Why outsource Data Analytics?

Demand for data engineering processionals is increasing:

  • According to the Hays Salary Guide for FY23/24, there has been a considerable rise in salaries for data engineers.
  • There’s a lack of skilled data engineers currently available.
  • It can be challenging to attract and maintain ‘A-grade’ talent
  • The high rate of turnover of data engineers can cause an increase in operational costs, loss of specialised knowledge and delays in project timelines.

Reasons for Data Analytics as a Service

Focus on Business Value

By outsourcing data engineering and reporting tasks, companies can focus on their business goals, leaving the technical details to our experts.

Cost Effectiveness

Outsourcing can be more cost-effective, as it reduces the need for full-time staff and associated costs like training, benefits, etc.

Scalability & Flexibility

Data Analytics as a Service allows businesses to scale their capabilities up or down based on current needs.

Our Focus

Create & Maintain Data Analytics Solutions:

  • Data Warehouses
  • Lakehouses
  • Operational Data Stores

Develop & Maintain System Integration Solutions:

  • System-to-System Integration
  • Near-Real-Time Integration
  • System-to-User Data Exports
  • User-to-System Data Imports

Ready to outsource your data analytics needs?

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