Data Governance

Our data governance activities support your business goals and enhance informed decision-making

Actionable Data Analytics is all about making sure our work has a real impact on businesses, rather than just collecting and visualising data.

What’s included?

Our data governance activities support your business goals and enhance informed decision-making. By taking a unique approach to handling data management within your company, we clearly define the individuals and processes being governed.

An integrated view is used to help key players choose the right course of action by enabling authority.

We use industry-based frameworks such as DAMA (Data Management Association) to deliver outcomes.

Data Governance Review

Review existing data governance program & assess against DAMA and industry best practices

Data Governance Charter

Start your data governance program

Data Literacy Program

Increase data literacy in your organisation

Benefits of Doing A Data Governance

Improving Processes

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Data quality improvement
  • Metadata Management
  • Efficiency in development projects
  • Vendor management

Reducing Risk

  • General risk management
  • Data security
  • Privacy

Data governance professionals set rules for managing data assets. Other areas carry out these rules.

Data governance is separate from IT governance. IT governance makes decisions about IT investments, the IT application portfolio, and the IT project portfolio – in other words, hardware, software, and overall technical architecture.

Data Governance Goals

  • Enable an organization to manage its data as an asset.
  • Define, approve, communicate, and implement principles, policies, procedures, metrics, tools, and responsibilities for data management.
  • Monitor and guide policy compliance, data usage, and management activities.

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