Data Architecture

Implement Future-proof Data Architectures

Our data architecture services can improve your company’s regulatory compliance, efficiency and effectiveness – all while ensuring that all data is used purposely.

What’s included?

Our data architects’ services at Actionable Data Analytics are designed to help organisations build a solid foundation for their data ecosystem. Our team of experienced data architects will work with your organisation to develop a customised data architecture that includes data models, data flows, data storage, and data integration strategies.

Our program covers key components of data architecture, including data design, storage, security, and integration. We will help you optimise your data architecture to improve data quality, reduce redundancy, and enable efficient data access and sharing. 

With our help, you can build a scalable and flexible data ecosystem to support your organisation’s growing data needs. Contact us today to learn more about our data architecture services and how we can help your organisation achieve its data management goals.

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How does it work?

We leverage our TOGAF and ITIL expertise to follow a 3 step process

Data Architecture Process

Step 1 – Review Requirements

We review your data needs to better understand how information needs to be gathered, stored, used, processed, and disposed of. We also pay close attention to your business goals and strategy.

Step 2 – Design Data Architecture

Our data architects design the required data architecture using existing business capabilities and enabling new ones. To ensure that the data architecture boosts your organisational goals, we prompt data consistency and standardisation across the entire company. Our professionals create artifacts and manage them in a specialised repository where they are also stored. As part of this step, we deliver the data architecture design, data flows, conceptual and logical data models, and implementation roadmap.

Step 3 – Implement Data Architecture

We help you implement the data architecture and train your team so they can maintain the solution.

Need a future-proof data architecture for you solutions?

Reach out to our data architects now and let’s design it together!​

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