Data Maturity Assessments

Understand the Current State of Your Data

Build a deeper understanding of your company’s information through our data management maturity assessments.

What’s included?

We offer a comprehensive data maturity assessment service using the DAMA framework to help organisations identify strengths and weaknesses in their data management practices.

Our service includes developing an assessment questionnaire, collecting and analysing data, identifying gaps, and developing prioritised recommendations and an action plan. We present the findings to stakeholders and monitor progress regularly to ensure that the organisation is making progress towards achieving its data management goals.

With our service, organisations can improve their data management practices and achieve a higher level of data maturity. We recommend running a maturity assessment annually.

What are the benefits of a data maturity assessment?

A data maturity assessment is useful for an organisation because it provides a comprehensive evaluation of its data management practices and identifies areas for improvement. By conducting a data maturity assessment, organisations can:

Gain a better understanding of their current data management practices: 

The assessment helps organisations identify their strengths and weaknesses in data management practices and provides a baseline to measure progress.

Identify gaps and opportunities for improvement:

The assessment helps organisations identify gaps between their current state and the desired state of data management maturity, as well as opportunities for improvement in specific areas such as data quality, data governance, data integration, and data security.

Develop an actionable plan for improvement:

The assessment provides organisations with specific recommendations and an action plan to improve their data management practices and achieve a higher level of data maturity.

Ensure compliance with regulations and standards:

The assessment helps organisations identify any areas where they may be non-compliant with regulations and standards, such as GDPR or ISO 27001.

Increase the value of their data assets:

By improving their data management practices, organisations can increase the value of their data assets and use them more effectively to drive business outcomes.

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